Welcome to the Homepage of EP’s Bali Surf.

My name is Edwin and I have been surfing for more than 15 years and I have experience as a teacher for more that 10 years. I have been working as Senior Instructor at Rip Curl School of Surf as well as Billabong Prosurf in Bali.

My qualifications include bronze mendallion certification in life saving, awarded 2008 by the International lifeguard association – CPR life update 2009, association surfing instructor awarded 2009 awarding body (ASI)


  • Single Lesson

    For one class with max. 2 students covered by 1 instructor we charge 450.000 IDR per person. The lesson lasts 2 hours and includes the following:

    • Board (Softtop or Fiberglass)
    • Rush Vest
    • Sunscreen
    • Free Hotel pick up in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak area
  • Beginner Classes

    • Day 1: You will be learning the basics of surfing (Introduction of the Board, positioning on the board, paddling correct position, wave selection and the safety on the water. The class will take place at chest deep water
    • Day 2: Focus on standing up, correct positioning and the basics of turning front and back side. The class takes place at shoulder deep water
    • Day 3: Introduction to to subjects which as rips/current, wind, swell and tide chart, including the beach diagram and timing of how to deal with small and big wave as well as focusing on the line up and taking off on green waves.
  • Intermediate Classes

    •  Day 1: You will learn the basics of the cut back and how to read the wave as wave pocked (Peak, Shoulder, Peeling, Dumping)
    • Day 2: The focus will be on the take off on the wave at an angle and the rules of surfing/surf etiquette
    • Day 3: Introduction to basics of speed generation on the face of the wave
  • Surfing Guiding

    As Bali had many of amazing surfing spots which you can surf the whole years in wet and dry season and we will guiding you to those place which depend of your level to make your surfing trips unforgettable experience here in Bali

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